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Our Beginning…

The idea for Mel’s Adventure School came about when I was serving as an educator with the Ministry of Education. I wanted to start an outfit where I can make a difference to the youth community and equip them with essential life skills to become confident citizens.

Drawing inspiration from multiple sources and combining some of the best teaching and coaching practices to design our programmes from scratch; it is my desire to see lives being touched and transformed through the programmes that we offer, namely, sports classes, forest & nature experiential programmes, and leadership training workshops.

With this heart and passion to develop children and youths to become confident individuals and leaders, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and started Mel’s Adventure School.

Exciting adventure awaits us…

Melvin Lee

Chief Coach

Our Vision

A premier adventure school that serves people of all backgrounds, regardless of social and economic status.


Our Values

Versatility . Simplicity & Minimalism . Continuous Improvement . Always Learning . Excellence