About Us

About the company

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Our Vision

A Leading Multi-Sport & Outdoor Education School for Children & Youth.

Our Mission


To equip children & youth with essential life skills that will cultivate in them the spirit of lifelong learning and the continuous pursuit of an active lifestyle.

Our Values


  • Honour
  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • Sportsmanship
  • Integrity
  • Resilience


About Us

Mel’s Adventure School is a multi-sport and outdoor education school that incorporates pedagogies from Forest & Nature School (FNS). 

FNS has existed worldwide since the 1950s. The primary goal is to provide children with regular and repeated access to a natural space, with a largely emergent, student-led and play-based curriculum. At FNS, children are understood to be competent learners that help forge their own programme. Children spend the majority of the day immersed in various outdoor settings where time is unhurried and there is space for independent reflection, collaborative creation, and risky play. They enjoy the freedom to explore, build, play, and engage with one another. The settings can vary – urban parks, forested areas, riverbeds, and more – with various age groups interacting together. Activities are guided by a number of things and are as varied as the child who attend them and the environments in which they are rooted. (Adapted from Forest and Nature School Canada)