The Beginning of Mel’s Adventure School

Hi everyone, my name is Melvin Lee and I am the Founder and Chief Coach of Mel’s Adventure School.

At Mel’s Adventure School, we primarily offer swimming lessons, leadership training workshops, and forest & nature experiential programmes. In time to come, there is the possibility that we might group our service offerings into three main segments, namely, Sports Classes, Character and Leadership Workshops, and Forest and Nature Experiential Programmes.



With more than 15 years of outdoor camping experience, I have led and organised more than 80 over camps with my Alma Mater, the National Cadet Corps, the Southeast Community Development Council, the People’s Association, the Ministry of Education, and other private operators (some of which have come and gone). Through camping alone, I am very thankful to have made a difference to more than 1600 youths so far.

Some of you might be thinking, “Why not start an outdoor camping company that only offers camps?” The truth is, as with all small medium enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore; competition is stiff and the industry is somewhat saturated with companies that have been around since I was a teenager! To go head on and compete directly with them is out of the question. Furthermore, camping is a seasonal activity in Singapore and it takes place during certain times of the year. Hence, it is suffice to say that relying on camping as the only source of revenue stream is insufficient; which is why we don’t just offer forest and nature experiential programmes but leadership training workshops and swimming classes as well.


Will swimming be the only sports that we coach? No, in fact we currently also offer cycling as well and in time to come; kayaking and climbing. These will be the 4 key sports that we will coach at Mel’s Adventure School so that people can be equipped and competent to carry out their own personal adventure exploration safely; whether locally or overseas.


Last but not the least, leadership is a subject that is close to my heart and I want to help people develop their leadership capabilities. Who is a leader? Who can be a leader? What is leadership? How can one become a leader? What do you need to be a leader? These are some common questions about leadership that I hope to address at our leadership training workshops.

In the next post, I will be sharing more about our Forest & Nature Programmes i.e. how it came about, what participants can expect, and a preview of the activities that participants will be doing.

Stay tuned!


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This is one of the best piece of news for us here at Mel’s Adventure School! Kudos to @nparksbuzz for this initiative! We certainly hope more of such nature playground will be rolled out in Punggol!

This is rather appalling. Water is the driving force of all nature and in almost every country that I’ve been to, the river is where great cities flourish.

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