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Our Key Programmes

Multi-Sport & Outdoor Adventure Programme

In our Outdoor Adventure Programme, children enjoy the freedom to explore, build, play, and engage with one another. The settings can vary – urban parks, forested areas, and more. Interweaving a multi-sport concept, children will have the opportunity to practice a variety of basic sports skills such as passing, shooting, throwing, catching and more. With child passions at the forefront, it’s hard to say what each day will bring!

Individual Sport Electives

In addition to our multi-sport & outdoor adventure programme, we also offer individual sport electives such as Swimming, Cycling, and Kayaking. When children are equipped with swimming, cycling and kayaking skills; they are ready to cover more distance in their adventurous pursuits safely.

School Holiday Outdoor Adventure Camps

Our Outdoor Adventure Camps are available only during the school holidays and we hope to foster independent decision-making, practical problem-solving skills, and multi-dimensional creativity. Activities include free play, nature exploration, arts, construction and tinkering projects!


Melvin is an experienced multi-sport coach, leadership trainer and outdoor educator. He firmly believes in coaching and empowering his clients to change their lifestyle and behavioural patterns so as to better support their physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual health.

Hey Melvin, once again, thank you for the awesome experience! I kept what you shared close to me; about having a new experience every camp. Thank you for sharing your wisdom umbrella with me! It's hard for me to put into words my sincere appreciation.
School Teacher
Dear Mr Lee, thank you for taking us through the journey throughout camp. I loved the experience, especially the high elements, meeting animals and visiting the Singapore quarry. I hope you have enjoyed yourself too. How I wish camp could be extended. Hope to see you soon!
Melvin is a very patient swimming teacher and he always ensures that safety is a priority. My girl thoroughly enjoys herself at the swimming pool and she is always looking forward to every swimming lesson. Thank you Melvin for coaching my girl in swimming.
Ms Teo

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